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Anteverted Uterus , Wont Harm in Early Stages of Pregnancy

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 Is Anteverted Uterus Condition Harmful for Pregnancy?

NO !! Atleast not in the early stages of your pregnancy.But if left uncured can be problematic while delivery.

Anteverted uterus is not a condition to worry about, when contrary to popular opinion. This  is one where the AMA top is positioned towards the abdomen and it is considered as the most common positioning of the uterus.


Signs to Know If You REALLY Have this condition :

Now If your uterus is tipped backwards or away from abdomen then it is reffered as RETROVERTED UTERUS


The uterus which is anteverted has no known impact on a woman’s pregnancy, and a majority of all the women who have this uterus orientation can co-exist with it without developing any problems. What does affect pregnancy and conception, however, is the degree of orientation and inclination of the anteversion of uterus.

anteverted uterus


The patient should practice lying upon the back, with the knees drawn up. The bladder and lower bowel should be regularly and methodically emptied. A bandage and compress over the pubes may be serviceable ; the fundus of the womb may be pressed back, and the neck pushed forwards by the physician.

did you know

A uterus extremely anteverted is an environment that is too challenging for sperm cells and egg cells to converge. The anteverted uterus is defined as the opposite of the retroverted uterus where it is bent away from the abdomen. In both the retroverted uterus and the anteverted uterus, the uterus is slightly oriented. Here is everything you need to know about the anteverted uterus and what it means for women who are pregnant.

Men and women have varying features with some features being normal while others are inherited. Hair color differs from one person to another, as do the color of the eyes and the skin. One less common variation among women, however, is the position of uterus. When doctors say that a woman’s uterus is tipped, most women think they they’re affected with some dire condition, but this is far from the truth.


The Normal Size of Anteverted Uterus is 4.29 x 4.0 x 4.15 

The anteverted uterus is a normal variant, just like your hair color and your skin color. The anteverted orientation is the most common position of the uterus, and it occurs when the fundus and the uterus of the body flexes forward at the cervix, the bottom part of the uterus. 

However, when the uterus you points in an upward manner toward the head, it is termed a retroverted uterus. The retroverted uterus flexes to the back of the cervix, and bottom part of the uterus, making the fundus and the body point towards the back.

 In some cases, the uterus also tilts to the left or the right. Both retroflexed and anteflexed uterus will evolve into retroverted uteruses during pregnancy and will return to their original position after childbirth.

Many people have posted their doubts and queries regarding this condition and were asking me whether this condition of uterus will help them get pregnant or not ,

Please kindly check the answers which our specialist have replied to them as this condition is common and doesnt actually co-relate with being infertile.

Thankyou ,
Yours Sincerely.
Kiran Chandra Ch.



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  1. My Name is Elysium Richards and im from canada , Im having anteverted uterus ... my gynaecologist suggested to check out your blog ... so i came to know about my problem.

    1. im 26 years old .
      my last normal period is april 28 to may 2 then we concieve at may 9, 11, 13 and 29 then supposedly my period was not come in month of may 28 instead its comes at june 4 then half day of june 5 . then i decided to appoint an ultrasound today but i cant get whats the meaning of result :
      remarks. the uterus is anteverted , average sized, with homogeneous echopattern and regular contour no myometrial mass seen. the endometrium is hypoechoic with intact borders. both ovaries contain multiple,small (<1cm) subcupsularly located follicles with dense stroma no adnexal mass. no fluid in the cul de sac.
      average size anteverted uterus with thin, intact endometrium .
      polycystic ovaries
      remarkable cervix adnexae and cul de sac

      sorry i cannot comment on this site.

  2. I have anteverted uterus and my gyneacologist said that I have to check your website to have precautions.

    1. Precautions for anteverted uterus ?

      You dont need to worry about this . Having anteverted uterus is harmless and treated almost normal .

      Get an ultrasound endoscopy and make sure your foetus development is normal.

  3. My name is shyma..iam having an anteverted uterus..and both ovaries show midly increased stromal echoes with multiple small follices..
    Is ther any problem wit me..iam 20yrs old..

  4. If you have been diagnosed and if the result says that you only have Bulky uterus then there is no problem.

    Actually stromal echoes dissapear once you have given birth and it will become normal .

    Anteverted uterus is not harmful and can be cured with proper diagnosis.

  5. I want to ultrasond result shows that I have anterved uteru is there any need for me go for laproscope minor operation. the problem is because I delivered my last babu through CS.

  6. Recently I just got the ultrasound carriedout and there were some problems which the doctor did not described to me. Thanks to your article which helped me understanding it little more clearly.

  7. Hi,my doctor says I have a bulky anteverted uterus of about 6.2cm as well as 3 submucousal fibroids of 2.5cm,2.6cm and 3.2cm.And that I have endometrial calcification from a previous D&C.How can the endometrial calcification be treated and what's the effect on my fertility?Please help

  8. Hi ,

    Thankyou for discussing about your problem.
    Having anteverted yterys if about 6.2cm is not harmful in the future as it can be rectified or corrected by your gynaecologist.

    However , your submucousal fibroids of such size are main reason for your endometrial calcification . Women suffering with endometrial calcification are associated with infertility and there are very less chances that you can be pregnant , However if you can shrink the fibroids within uterus then there might be a better chance.

  9. hi
    I had a pelvic scan and this was the report. Can you pls explain to me and my chances of becoming pregnant. "uterus measuring 7.4 x 3.8 x 5.2 cm, anteverted, myometrium is hypoechoic, homogenous and well demarcated from the endometrial echos, the endometrium was seen thin."


  10. Hey , Thankyou for commenting on our blog .

    First of all , your uterus size is not bigger than the normal size i.e 8cm*6cm*4cm , so we can confirm you that you dont have an enlarged or bulky uterus .

    Having anteverted uterus is no where related to become infertile.

    But your report shows that you have hypoechoic myoma which might turn out to be a fibroid in later stages if not rectified now.
    So i suggest you be consulting your gynaecologist regarding this abnormal mass.

    The current report of yours is considered normal for becoming pregnant , you just need to be overlooked in future.

  11. My uterus is small prepubertal in size and anteverted in position. It measures approx 50X27X17 MM. I recently had my ultra sound testes; it never appeared in reports 7-8 years ago when I realized that I was not having any periods. I've never seen any blood spot, but the uterus has appeared this time do you think it can be treated or if I’d have any issues getting pregnant after marriage?

  12. Observing the measurement of uterus , Yes !! Your uterus is really very small in size compared to the normal , However having a small uterus might be heriditary or depends on your weight and thin too , So this doesnt any way relate to infertility However the shocking aspect is How did periods stop in your menstrual cycle ??? What is your age ... You must get periods for atleast 30 years...This is strange ...I'd recommend you to consult a gynaecologist or a good fertility clinic for details about getting pregnant.

  13. Pls am seriously disturbed simply because of my infertility problem. In year 2001, I did surgary on ovarian cyst. I do have my period each month, go for utral sound often. Resent one on 6th April,2013 diagnoses for non this, non that, non problem. My uterus measure 61*38*40mm in anteverted position. On 10th of the same April, I had Hysterosalpingogram(HSG) -as directed by gynaecologist. The result was normal no blockage. My husband has done sperm test/count, normal. Yet am not pregnant! Pls do I have a problem? Pls explain the reason(s) attached to my infertility problem.Any posible chance for me to be pregnant? THANK YOU!

  14. Hi there, I have experienced extremely irregular periods for the last 4-5 years and upon relocating to a new suburb sought out a new female doctor to find out what is going on with my body. She suggested I have a Pelvic ultrasound which has shown that my uterus is anteverted and measures 88 x 27 x 40mm. The myometrium is mildly heterogeneous suggesting adenomyosis. The myometrium otherwise
    appears normal. A normal secretory endometrial echo complex is seen (AP
    dimension 10mm). Both ovaries appear to be normal in size and functional. But I am a little concerned about my ability to have children??? I am only 26 years old.
    Thank you

    1. Hi ,

      Since the Pelvic Ultrasound reported that you have Adenomyosis , where in the tissue of endometrium grows on the uterus and leads to infertility at final stage .

      This is what happened with you , Hence you might get trouble to get pregnant and be completely infertile .

      Having anteverted uterus most of the times doesnt co-relate with being infertile , But you need to think about your adenomyosis get treated very soon because it is one of the difficult and complex understood surgery in women's surgeries.

      If your adenomyosis is in intial stages ( you can check the tissue growth measurement)
      Immidiately Consult your gynaecologist and request for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which are most prescribed and work with your periods and try to reduce the tissue growth during your periods run .

      Hope for Pregnancy !! Best of luck :)

    2. How do I know that what you are saying is accurate and medically proven? What are you qualifications?

    3. If you Dont to want to listen to what we are saying , Then why do you want to ask us here ?

      We Always moderate our blog and we know what we speak and what we do , That is the reason why we are ranked well on google . We review our comments and replies seriously. Since the reply hasnt been deleted that actually is the answer to your question.

      Because it is posted by a professional gynaecologist who anonymously works for our blog to help pregnant women.

      The qualifications will not be disclosed.

  15. Hi im 23 yrs old unmarried,
    this is my usd report which i took 2 days back.
    what does this really mean ?
    what has to be done for this?
    do i have any problem with pregnanacy in future ?

    The uterus is anteverted, and measures 8.0 x 3.2 cms.
    The endometrial thickness is 8.4 mm.
    A subserous fibroid of 3.0 x 3.7 cm is seen in the left lateral wall of the uterus.
    The right ovary measures 2.4 x 2.1 x 1.5 cms with a volume of 4.2 cc.
    A dominant follicle of 1.4 x 1.6 cms is seen in the right ovary.
    The left ovary measures 2.0 x 1.1 x 2.7 cms with a volume of 3.5 cc.
    No significant mass or cyst is seen in the ovaries.
    Parametria are free.

  16. Your Endometrial thickness is slightly 0.4 mm more than normal..It means you can get endometriosis

    Also your subserosal fibroid is big , You should consult your doctor for MYOMECTOMY surgery otherwise you cannot get pregnant.

    Check with your gynae and ask for that surgery be advised or not.

    1. Thank u for the reply... any other treatments available like ayurveda ??

    2. If you want treatment in ayurveda , we recommend

      Aloevera stevia juice 30 ml twice daily one hour before breakfast and dinner.
      Healthy lady powder 5 g with buttermilk twice daily after food.
      Maha rasnadi kwatham 20ml daily with equal quantity of water after food.
      Triphala churnam 5g with look warm water at bed time.

      All this can be available at a cheaper price in all herbal stores.

  17. Hi I have an anteverted uterus measuring 78*39*44mm in diameters is this normal

  18. The Normal uterus measures 80*60*40mm (length*breadth*height)
    So seeing your measurement , breadth of your uterus is much tilted or tipped hence it is anteverted uterus

    But it doesnt effect your pregnancy unless you have fibroids inside them.

  19. Hi
    I am 24 yrs old unmarried,
    this is my report which i took today.
    do i have any problem with pregnanacy in future ?

    The uterus is anteverted, and measures 6.9 x 3.7 cms.
    The endometrial thickness is 6 mm.
    Myometrial echoes are homogeneous.
    The right ovary measures 4.4 x 2.0 x 2.5 cms with a volume of 12 cc.
    The left ovary measures 4.0 x 2.6 x 2.5 cms with a volume of 14 cc.
    Both the ovaries are enlarged and show multiple small peripheral cysts.
    Parametria are free.
    Illiac fossae are normal.

  20. Your Anteverted uterus size and endometrial thickness are PERFECTLY NORMAL !!

    Coming to your ovarian cyst fluid volume , They are fine for now and must not cause any kind of problem with intercourse and getting pregnant if the fluid inside them is less than 20cc.

    I Recommend you that you frequently check up with your gynaecologist "AND ALSO"

    Within your residence , you need to take all possible natural ways of curing ovarian cysts right from this day so that you wont want to increase them and get them ruptured or lead to infertility.

    Try our sister website completely quality rich about ovarian cysts

    Thankyou for commenting

    1. Thanks a lot for clarifying on this.

  21. hi.. im 9 months married but still im not getting pregnant. I have irregular period since from the start of my menstrual cycle. I consulted to the obgyne last konth and have my pelvic ultra sound and based on the description, I have a small sized anteverted uterus with no intrauterine gestational sac nor myomatius lesion seen. Endometrial stripe is thin Cervix is long and closed. Both ovaries are normal in size with multiple subcapsular follicles. Negative fluid in the cul de sac.

    Small sized Antebertured uterus
    Proliferative endomerium
    Polycystic ovaries.

    Please explain all of this to me guys.. Thank you so much!

  22. Do I have a chance to get pregnant? What should I do to easily get pregnant if my period is irregular? please hel me.. More power!

  23. Your report is bit Complex for my analysis , So We are trying to consult our gynaecologist and submit your report.

    Please be patient.
    You will receive a full analysis about your condition with 24 hours.

  24. i have hormonal inbalance and this information might help your analysis. .your response aboutmy report is highly importance.. ill be waiting fo the response.. thank you.

  25. Hi ,

    We have received the report of yours about your condition and here is what it says :

    Your Uterus is very small and anteverted , Hence It will be difficult to carry a baby in your uterus .
    Your Endometrium thickness is slightly OK For now , but if it grows in future then it will be really problematic to get pregnant.

    And now this is the main problem you have is about the polycystic OVARIES. It means that there are lots of tiny tiny cysts inside your ovaries which are stopping for you to release the Pregnancy hormones which will increase your pregnancy rate.

    Those cysts must be definitely shrinked or removed .
    Also this is the Main problem for your hormonal imbalance and instability .

    According to your report ,

    We recommend that you undergo the following tests and surgeries.
    Go to your gyne and ask him whether this cysts are present in both the ovaries and also ask him which ovary is having more cysts and ask whether they can remove them .

    Request him to give you androgen Injections , ANDROGEN is most important for you at this point of time to get pregnant.

    Also consult him and tel him whether they will do a laproscopic surgery like ovarian drilling and remove the cysts from your ovary.



    Here you get more info on how to reduce.

  26. thank you so much. your response is really big help to me. God bless you.

  27. hi? Is there any medicine that I can take to dissolve those cyst? my ob dont explain those information. imalready 29 years old and afraid not to get pregnant. im also afraid for surgery? is there any solution to my problem aside from surgery? please comply..

  28. Fertility Enzyme Therapy:
    can dissolve cysts inside your ovaries , learn about it and how u can do that

  29. one more question is, does polycystic ovaries dangerous and need to be treated as soon as possible? Is this too serious problem like mayoma and breast cancer that I may afraid of? actually i do not haveany idea if polycystic ovary harmful or not.. but i've done a research and i'd learned something about the symptoms of this. please comply! God will be the one do an action for your being good hearted. God bless!

    1. for follow up question? what medicine should i take to balance my hormone? how many miligram and how to take it? thank you..

  30. Hi Janice ,

    We No Longer support guest visitors above 2 queries.

    Please JOIN OUR SITE and LIKE US ON Facebook , So that we provide you our full support along with extra bonus features like DOWNLOADS , GUIDES and FREE CONSULTATIONS to you.

  31. Hi,I'm 32 years and married for 4 years.i was diagnosed with endometriotic cyst during 2010 and underwent laproscopy to remove that.but the doc could not fully remove and they could only puncture it. Last month I had a USG which shows as below.
    Uterus appears a anteverted with 6.7x3.5x4.2 CMS.
    Uterus with homogeneous myometrial echoes
    subserous fibroid measuring 29mm
    Endometrial cavity appeared normal measuring 9mm
    Right ovary measured 3.6cx2.0x4.2cms(vol 15.72cc)
    Right ovary AF 7 has a follicle measuring 18mm
    Left ovary measured 4.5x3.5x4.0 CMS (volume 32.76cc)
    Left ovary AF 12 shows multiple small follicles and has a follicle measuring 19mm.
    No mass or free fluid in the pelvis.

    doctor has asked to go for hysterolaproscooy to correct this and maybe remove left ovary due to polycystic ovaries

    Pl advise whether this is treatable and can I get pregnant.

  32. Please Kindly Like us on Facebook & Join our site inorder to Forward your Query to our Professional Gynecologist , We assure you that you'll receive full benefits and Even live chat with our gynecologist once you are a registered member of our Blog.


    1. I have joined as per your request. Kindly review my request and give a reply.

  33. Please Wait for 12 Hours , For Us to Receive a Report for your Problem.

    Thankyou very much for posting.

  34. Hi ,

    Your uterus is actually highly anteverted because of the subserous fibroid on sides of your uterus.

    The normal uterus measurements are 8*6*4 cm but your breadth appears to be really very much anteverted i.e 3.5 instead of 6 which means fibroids are going on breadth of your uterus.

    Homogenous Myometrial Echoes and Endometrial Cavity are normal as preffered.

    The report which the doctor said about Follicles are nothing but ovarian cysts ,

    Your Left ovary is measuring 32cc Volume cyst containing fluid.

    This follicles are present on your ovary and they are dangerous when they burst , Currently your condition is not normal to get pregnancy because of Fibroids and Cysts.

    So First you have to get treated with hysterolaproscopy as your doctor said , this will remove your cysts and fluid inside it.

    Next you should treat your uterine subserous fibroids on ur uterus which dont allow u get pregnant easily but they are not harmful.
    To treat uterine fibroids you should undergo MRI scanning to know the size and weight of them , you can do this from any local hospitals like apollo etc and ask them to shrink your fibroids.
    Tell them to use HIFU transducers to remove your fibroids.

    You should also reduce them from home
    Here are our articles on how to remove them naturally :


    Happy to see you relieved , Return back soon :)

    1. Thanks for your reply Sir. But does this mean I can never conceive.Do i have any hope or is IVF the only option.?

    2. No , If you can shrink your fibroids naturally then you might actually get pregnant.

      Research on ways and techniques how to shrink subserous fibroids.

      I Can give you few pills you should regularly take ,

      They are progesterone and estrogen pills you can get from any pharmacy store , Just ask the medical representative for the timings .

      I Personally recommend the following Capsules For my patients who visit our blog and They Relieved Uterine Fibroids within 3 weeks after they started taking these capsules.


      If you have money with you , Dont hesitate to buy these capsules because they really proven to work !!

      Thanks and please accept me on facebook !

  35. hi
    I had irregular period since last few years. i got my ultrasound done and Impression is PCOD with :
    Urinary bladder: Echo free , no evidence of any calculus, SOL or diverticulum is seen.

    Uterus: Anteverted and measures 7.8 * 3.5 * 5.0 Cms; Endometrial and Myometrial echoes are well differentiated; no evidence of G.sac, SOL is seen ; no fluid in opch of doughlas.

    Ovary and Adnexa: Both ovaries appear slightly enlarged and show multiple tiny cystic follicles along the periphery

    Kindly tell me wat these exactly means and if i can get pregnant in future. i m married since 8 months and trying to get pregnant

  36. Please reply me as soon as possible. I have seen gyn also and prescribed Ovacare forte A+B tab , Utronorm Forte and Ovral G (to start from 5th day of period for 21 days ). If this is enough for treatment or there ought to be some other treatment?

  37. Hi,

    Your Report has been sent to our Blog Gyne , Please wait 24 hours to get a professional advise for you

    1. Ok Thanks .. Waiting for your reply ..

    2. We received solution report for your condition.

      Please Join this site and Like us on facebook , Once it is done youll get the solution for this problem..

  38. Hi .. I have joined the site and liked on facebook too.. Kindly reply abt my report..

  39. Awaiting for ur reply... please Reply as soon as possible..

  40. Uterus is anteverted measuring 7.1x 4.1x 6.0.cm
    Endometrius meauses 1.1cm. The cervix is unremarkable. Cani have babys ? Tips that I can do to have a baby.. I also hace hypertiroid

  41. you said you got my report .. i have joined the site. i m waiting for the solution of my report. Kindly tell me as soon as possible..

    1. We Could Not Determine Your Like or Your Name , PLEASE Kindly tell us the name with which you have liked our facebook ?

  42. Hello

    I have transV ultrasound yesterday and it says that the uterus is anteverted measuring 70*37*32mm. The endometrium is thickened measuring 11mm. No gestational sac seen. The myometrial echopattern is homogeneous.No focal solid or cystic masses seen
    The cervix is unremarkable
    The right ovary 35*16mm left is 34*18mm.both of which shows small follicles measuring lessthan 10mm
    No free fluid in both adnexae.

    My doctor didnt explain this he just say I have infertility condition he want me to undergo cholesterol exam. Bt my concern is my uterus is theres abnormality???

    Pls rply thank you in advance


  43. Hi,
    I`m a married woman my age is about 32 years I`ve 3 kids all delivered normal.
    Due to pain and my periods problem I got my pelvis ultrasound report. The report says that ,

    real time examination shows anteverted uterus, it is bulky in sizewith homogenous echopattern.
    uterus measured7.2x 4.7x 3.9cms(volume-69.05cm3)


    Right Ovary measures 2.6x 2.5x 2.5cms (volume - 8.50cms3)
    Left Ovary measures2.1x 2.1x 2.0cms(volume - 4.45cms3)

    No evidence of adenexal mass
    No evedence of pregnancy or RPC`s.

    Please help me and tell me is there any dangerous thing in my report?

  44. I liked on fb and joined ur blog. send me the solution for the query I asked on august 24 .. Please do send ...

  45. hi veena here am un married 24 years
    sir this is my report uterus measures 55.19.27 mm endometrial ehoes measures 5mm and thin
    both ovaries are small in size right ovary 33.19 mm
    left ovary 22.16 mmno evidence of free fluid /mass lesion noted in abdomenal cavity
    impression both ovaries are comparatively thin endo metrium shows few follicles of 2 to 3 mm
    am suffering from irregular periods problem.......suggest me ayurvedic remedies as well therapy

  46. Hi! I have my latest ultra sound and states that I have anterverted uterus which measures 4.3 x 4.2 x 3.9 cm. My endometrium is slightly thickened 0.80 cm in measures and defined as hyperechoic. My right ovary is in lateral and measures 3.3 x 3.1 x 2.3 cm and my left ovary measures 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.7 cm and located in postero lateral. Both ovaries have multiple small follicles (more than 12) each measuring less than 1 cm suggestive of polycystic ovaries. My cervix is measuring 2.3 x 2.2 x 1.4 cm and no free fluid in the cul de sac. My period is slightly irregular and still difficult to get pregnant due to PCOS. Please advise me what to do also kindly explain what my ultra sound report states. Thanks!

  47. hi...I have been diagnosed with PCOS but i do have regular period.each month for 4-5 days. can i get pregnant?

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. hi im 32 years old and heres my transvi unltrasound result : the uterus is anteverted and measures 4.57x 3.17x 2.85, the parenchyma shows homogenous echopattern, no focal lesion or discrete mass noted. the endometrial stripe measures 0.635 cm. the aneterior myometrium measures 0.847 cm. the postertior mymometrium measures 1.24 cm.
    the right ovary measures 2.15x2019x1.97
    the left ovary measures 2.34x2.23x2.16 cm
    both have homogenous echopattern there are multiple anechoic cyst in both ovaries

    -normal anteverted uterus
    -polycystic ovaries

    please explain it to me clearly why im having a hard time to get pregnant? and do i still have a chance to get pregnant. thank you and more power

    1. Hi There must be the reason with polycystic ovaries. Though this doesnt make lot of effect with infertility. But with your ovary measurements , Its like you are being infertile due to polycystic ovary syndrome.

      I Suggest you check out PREGNANCY MIRACLE Where infertile women with similar syndrome turned out to be pregnant in few months.

      You can try it out here

      Its A Clinical Approved System to get fertile.

      If you still have problem even after trying pregnancy miracle (Wont possibly be) , Let us know.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. How can I treat bilateral occlusion on my fallopian tubes

  52. I did a urine pregnancy test and its says positive and am having some feelings as if I want to do my period which made me to see a doctor and she told me to go for a scan, though I think its early. Because I still did my period last month. This is my scan report, kindly enlighten me on it because am confused.
    Indication for scanning: Amenorrhea+1/12 No lyesis.
    Pelvic scan: the uterus is anteverted and minimally bulky measuring 51mm in AP diameters. It has regular outlines with an intact endometrials plate. The myometrials echopattern is uniform. The adnexal and POD are free.
    CONCLUSION:Non pregnant uterus as at now.
    Doctor please kindly explain to me and why am I seeing positive when am not pregnant?

  53. I am 29yrs old,I have two children and now I am pregnant. During my first scan the report says i have anteverted bulky uterus, is it a problem condition? What should I do?

  54. Anteverted uterus with thin endometrium and with clear adnexa.
    Please tell me what is this

  55. Hi fakhara here worried please help me m not getting pregnent altera soind ysterday and coment is that
    Antevented uterus with thin endometrium and with clear adnexa.

  56. Anteverted bulky uterus thick endometrium with fluid...my periods irregular from three months..last year i did c sec and stopping baby

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.


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