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Natural Varicose Veins Treatment and Its Approximate Cost

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Varicose Veins Vessels are blood vessels that have become increased and Tortuous. The term generally represents blood vessels on the leg. They have flyer valves to avoid blood flowing from reverse.

Varicose Veins surgery is common condition in the world today and it is said that Seven million Women in Great Britain undergo its treatment every year.
3 women showing their varicose veins after being pregnant


Inorder to get treated for this condition it costs around 1.5k to 2k U.S Dollars(approx) in most of countries depending upon the infrastructure and quality of doctors availed in them.

These Veins are usually observed very clearly in Women During Their Pregnancy and stay visible till they deliver and slowly dissapears within 2 months post delivery

varicose veins

So Whats the problem with them ?

No One likes them , Those dark,ugly veins snaking down your legs and feet aren't pretty.Thats why we do our best to conceal them or get rid of them by using best treatment.There are myraid of treatment options available now to get rid of those ugly patches of lines being vanished very fastly. Varicose veins generally are simple but cause Heavy or Achy feelings inside leg And in rare cases that they contribute to serious complicatory circulations such as blood clot in vein.
Hence , Here are the best treatment options to consider which we will discuss later

Natural Self Help Relief Methods :

If you are a self help type of person who wants to reduce discomfort or purely for cosmetic reasons , then there are effective steps to do like
Avoid long periods of standing or sitting
Get More Exercise
Lose weight
Dont cross your Legs when you sit down
Put your feet up frequently when you sit or lie down using a pillow
Use compression stockings
In short you need to check your lifestyle and make changes to avoid blood pooling and pressure in the veins and use ointment or moisturizer to protect skin to be dry
Varicose Veins treatment Need

Therapies and Varicose Vein Treatments

Laser Therapy :
This varicose veins treatment is mainly used on spider veins and smaller veins , in which doctor uses strong bursts of light directed at the varicose veins to fade them and make dissapear

Sclerotherapy :
The doctor will inject a chemical into the affected vein resulting to irritation and scarring.This procedure may need to be done number of times till vein is closed and fade away

Vein Stripping :
This surgical procedure was commonly used in the past.It involves tying down large varicose veins and remove them through small cuts in surface of your skin.Today this surgery is often recommended when other options such as endovenous thermal ablation is not effective. Choose which treatment is best for you and consult your doctor.


A Careful examination of each patient and the whole leg and abdomen must be examined .Accurate diagnosis of the three venous systems is involved.They are the internal saphenous,external saphenous and gluteal in this order of frequency.

The presence of deep venous in competency is based on the presence of ulceration , oedema or pigmentation , corresponding neither in degree nor distribution of varicose veins present.

This case demonstrates clearly the area in which ulcers , eczema and pigmentation occur . Lesions outside this area are not due to the disorders of venous circulation 


First the skin is marked out for incision.The vertical line denotes the femoral artery and incision runs from this point above 1 inch below the flexure of the groin.

Then the veins are tied together and will be smoothly divided into small cuts are removed retaining the other unaffected vein vessels within the leg.


Varix not Cured by the Oblitera^tion OF the Diseased Vein. The treatment of varix with a view to its ultimate cure — that is to say, an actual restoration of the dilated vein to its normal area and condition, so that the valves may be enabled to resume their functions and discharge them healthily — appears to have been contemplated by very few writers on the disease.

 A variety of surgical operations has been suggested and practised, in the expectation of inducing permanent obliteration either of the dilated trunk or of the varicose cluster ; but if this could be effected certainly, permanently, and without risk, it cannot properly be designated the cure of the malady. It is, to all intents and purpose, as completely the extirpation of the part affected by it, as the excision or removal of the entire varicosed vein 

 Nor does it seem to have been taken sufficiently into account by the advocates of these methods of treatment, that the circulation in the lower extremity must suffer, in a greater or less degree, by this extinction of a very essential portion of its venous system, the duplicate or supplementary channels, namely, by which the blood is returned from the foot and leg, whenever the deep-seated veins are compressed by muscular action, or happen to be obstructed in any other way. To all these operations, moreover, two very serious objections attach : — 

Firsts there is more or less danger of extensive phlebitis supervening upon the section or ligature of veins, in whatever manner it may be conducted. And, secondly, were no such consequence to be apprehended, every operation hitherto devised fails, in the majority of instances, in accomplishing the object for which it was performed.

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