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Hydrorrhea and Pregnancy Discharge due to Hydrorrhea

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Pregnant females are occasionally attacked with a fluid dis- charge from the vagina, quite distinct from the leucorrkoea, which has been described. It may occur, once or several times during pregnancy, and continue for a week or two, or it may persist for several months.

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Excessive Discharges due to Hydrorrhea  These discharges are neither preceded or followed by any pains or contractions of the womb ; their nature is such as to interfere but slightly with the pregnancy, the latter advancing as usual to its natural term, and at the time of delivery the true bag of waters is regularly formed. 

Most generally the female enjoys her usual health before the discharge comes on, when she unexpectedly finds herself wet, the fluid escaping drop by drop, or else she hears the peculiar sound caused by the sudden discharge of a considerable quantity of waters.

 In most cases she suffers no pain either during or after the discharge, though slight uterine contractions may set in ; but if the patient keeps perfectly quiet, the pains soon cease and everything resumes its natural order again. 

The discharged waters are usually a little yellowish, very limpid, and at times tinged with blood, leaving stains upon the linen, and having a well marked spermatic odor.

The discharge is much influenced and increased by mental emotions and bodily excitement ; on the other hand it augments in quantity during the most perfect quietude, as for instance, at night during sleep.

In one case, observed and treated by myself, the discharges only took place at night, during rest or sleep, and then often amounted to one or several pints. 


 Although this is generally not a serious affection, still it is a very annoying one. Doctor thinks, that nothing can be done except to keep the patient dry, quiet and clean. 

Arsenicum and Digitalis deserve attention in which there were sudden, frequent and profuse discharges of waters from the vagina.

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