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Convulsions in Pregnany and Treatment

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Convulsions are occured during pregnancy in Women due to variety of reasons and causes . 
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Based on the causes , 
These are generally supposed to be of three kinds, 
1st : the nervous or hysteric ;
 2d, the epileptic ; 
and 3d, the apoplectic.


 The Hysteric convulsions are most common during the early months of pregnancy ; they may be brought on by want of sleep, excessive fatigue, disordered digestion, or in fact by any irritation of body or mind. 


 The Epileptic convulsions are rare; seventy-nine cases only occurred in 38,306 of labor, or 1 in about 485.
 The majority of these cases are connected with albuminuria ; they are apt to be preceded by a peculiar and intense pain in the forehead, severe pain in the stomach, and by a tumid state of the face and hands. Under allopathic treatment forty-two mothers were lost out of one hundred and fifty-two cases, or more than one-fourth. 

 Apoplectic convulsions seldom or never occur except towards the termination, or after the conclusion of labor, they are gene- rally caused by the stress upon the blood vessels of the brain during the severe forcing labor-pains; they differ from the other varieties by there being but little convulsion ; the. body and limbs are thrown about for a short time, and then the patient lies in a comatose state ; there is little or no distortion of the face, and no frothing at the mouth ; the muscles are flaccid and powerless ; the breathing stertorous ; there is no return of intelligence, and rarely any repetition of the paroxysm.

 Treatment for Convulsions — Clinic reports following herbs for different conditions and depending on the convulsion classification 

  •   Aconite, if the skin be hot and dry ; 
  • Bryonia, if the abdomen be tender, with full pulse and perspiration ; if there be flatulence, and diarrhoea with tenesmus, 
  • Chamomilla, Mercurius and Hyosciamus ; if there be difficulty of urination, with coldness and pallor of the face, 
  • Pulsatilla ; if the face be livid, purple and warm, Belladonna ; if there be a tendency to stupor, with stertorous breathing, or a state of incoherent wandering, 
  • Opium, which will render the mind clear and calm, with a corresponding improvement of the other symptoms. Hyosciamus, when there is an agitated or ruffled state of the nervous system, with an over-active state of the vascular ; it acts like a charm, soothing and stilling the nervous system, while the labor goes on progressively. 

A few strong doses of Opium will often postpone the attacks, and thus afford time for the vital powers to react effectually against the disease. It acts very promptly after bloodletting, and must be repeated not only after every attack of convulsion, but also when there is the least indication of a return.

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