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Bleeding from the Womb ? Here is Best Treatment

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Why Exactly Does Bleeding from Womb Occur and What is the diet?

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  •  This is an entirely different and much more serious affection than menstruation during pregnancy.
  •  It is almost always either a precursor of abortion, or else is a sign of placental presentation. 
  • This can only be decided by carefully watching the case, or by a vaginal examination. 
  • In the mean time, the patient should be put to bed immediately, and preserve the horizontal position not only until the complete cessation of the discharge, but until all danger of its return is past. 
  • Cold drinks and spare diet should be given ; the body kept cool ; the bed covering light, and the room moderate in temperature. 
bleeding from uterus clearly showing anatomy


If the bleeding should occur in consequence of a muscular effort to raise or carry anything, a violent exertion of the body, of a misstep, or fall, or blow upon the stomach or back,

Arnica should be given, either in the tincture or 3d dilution, and repeated every five, ten or fifteen minutes, according to the urgency of the case. 

Ipecac, should be used if the flow of blood is copious, and comes in a continued stream, attended with pains at the navel, bearing down efforts, arid pressure upon the womb, and lower bowel, with chills, or general coldness, but heat of the head and face, general lassitude and inclination to lie down. Dose.

Either sufficient of the tincture or powder should be given produce slight nausea, or else the 3d or 6th dilution may be used every ten or fifteen minutes until relief ensues. 

Chamomilla may be used, when nearly the same symptoms are present as those mentioned as indicating the use of Ipecac. ; especially if the pains are like labor-pains. 

Platina, when the blood is black and thick, but not coagulated or grumous ; when there is a dragging sensation from the back to the groins, and the internal genitals are exceedingly sore and tender to the touch.

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