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You Want to know How Much Does Abortion Cost in US?

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But Before that let me explain you something,
Having an unwanted pregnancy might bring upon a lot of dilemmas. Other than thinking about the future of one’s self and the baby, a big consideration lies upon what the cost is going to be, both in choosing to raise the child and having an abortion some times the main question is “how much does an abortion cost?”.

If a young couple is faced with the situation of unwanted pregnancy, the first thing that will come to their mind is to have an abortion. There are different rulings about the abortion costs in different states.

It is said that the N.H.S. gives a free service for abortion, but there is a condition of getting referred from two other doctors first, and after that the patient has to wait for another 2-4 weeks, which progresses the pregnancy even more. Therefore this free service might prove to be an even more difficult decision, also because many consultants don’t easily accept abortion cases.

Other than the N.H.S. you could get abortion done from abortion clinics, and their procedure is not that difficult. But the question still holds—how much does an abortion cost in those clinics?

 The average cost of having an abortion during the first trimester runs between $300 to $600. This cost varies depending on the subsidies and other variables. According to a research done in 2001, the average overall cost was $468. 

The cost must have increased even more since then…

Abortion Cost in US in the second trimester:

That was the average cost for abortion in the first trimester. How much does an abortion cost in the second trimester? Surveys have shown that though the cost of an abortion in US does vary if it is in the first trimester or the second, it further depends upon whether surgical procedure is opted or an abortion which is induced via RU-486/Mifepristone.

The average price of an abortion at weeks 13-14 is still $500 and $640, if the abortion is done at weeks 15-16.

 Any time later than that, it is not recommended.

So whenever a girl fears pregnancy, the one question that is always at the back of her mind is a lot of different thoughts. It is always better to keep such information handy, because if a situation arises when there is a need for abortion, every passing day becomes crucial, taking the pregnancy into a more developed stage making the procedure both dangerous and risky for the mother. Sometimes the best option is to put the baby for an adoption.

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