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Why Cant I get Pregnant after Abortion?

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If you have had an abortion in the past but you are trying to currently conceive and are having difficulty, you may be wondering why can’t I get pregnant after an abortion, which is a normal question to ask, and can often be solved with enough research and a visit to your own OBGYN as well.

Psychological Factors

There are numerous psychological factors that may contribute to you asking why can’t I get pregnant after an abortion, depending on your current outlook on getting pregnant, having a child, and also any repressed emotional feelings you may have or have not dealt with regarding your past abortion. If you still feel upset or have negative feelings about your abortion, it is essential to seek relief by speaking with a therapist, counselor, or even with your significant other on getting through the situation. It is important to feel positive about getting pregnant again and having a child, rather than holding on to negative feelings and emotions which ultimately contribute to building stress in you.

Stress is a major factor of not being able to conceive properly and should be considered as an important part of your lifestyle to change when you are trying to get pregnant, regardless of your past pregnancy history. Incorporate a steady exercise routine into your life to help with ridding stress and getting your body both a mental and physical balance.

It is also important to eat a proper diet when trying to conceive, even when dealing with past trauma.

  • With the proper vitamins and minerals in addition to the antioxidants and nutrients provided by fruits and vegetables, you will also help your body’s hormonal balance in addition to mental clarity and emotional stability. 
  • Eliminate high-fat foods including fast food, sodas, and sugary snacks that are pure sugar. Instead, opt for plant-based meals or low-fat meat along with plenty of fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. When cooking, replacing white flour and white sugar with plant or nut-based alternatives will help to balance your body chemically and emotionally over time and with a consistent use of the ingredients along with breathing exercises, working out, and meditations.

Medical Reasons of Not Getting Pregnant After an Abortion

In most cases of women getting an abortion, fertility is not affected and it is possible to conceive just as any other healthy couple. However, if there is an infection or a hemorrhage that occurs during an abortion as a complication, this can cause various amounts of scar tissue to form around the uterus, which may cause trouble with conceiving. You can have this diagnosed and treated by getting an ultrasound of the uterus followed by having an outpatient procedure done, which is medically referred to as a hysteroscopy.

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