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What is the Best Position To Get Pregnant?

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This is what Most of our followers send me a mail about , I'm really worried that they need to know what's best position for faster and safe pregnancy

During Intercourse , We recommend you this best positions to exercise and implement and get fruitful results of faster pregnancy .

THIS POSITION IS PERSONALLY TESTED ON MY WIFE AND SO IS THE REASON WE ARE INCLUDING THIS INFORMATION TO YOU , My Wife got pregnant just after 2 Months after this Intercourse action angle.

When it comes getting pregnant, there are many myths and misconceptions. What we’d like to try to focus on is what works best. Many times, the difference between getting pregnant and not can be just a few small changes to the strategies of what’s working.

When it comes to sexual positions, there are several that work best based on the research we’ve found. Overall, the general idea is to get the male sperm as close to the cervix as possible. Make those sperm work as least as possible!

The woman’s hips should always be in a place where the sperm that’s released is inside for as long as possible.

But why this is important?? Is this important ?
Yes because inorder to have a  baby sooner you need to follow some practices so that you can have a faster delivery and you can enjoy with your baby.

But are there other methods to faster delivery , yes but while you are doing intercourse if you follow the positions which we advice you to try , you will have more chances of making the whole process and the more best thing about this advice is that ALL IS FREE and you dont need to spend any money or investment on any treatment or medicines to get fasten up your baby's production.

Hence please kindly follow this advices which we are giving to you so that it will be helpful for you now and in future while you do intercourse.

The Best sexual positions to be considered to have worked to get Pregnancy:

1. The missionary position. The most common position can also be the most effective. The man on top will create some of the deepest penetration possible. It allows the sperm to get very close to the cervix. The famous position that all the foreign countries adopt in their bed rooms to speed up for having kids. This is very famous and many videos and pictures are available on google for it . Check out the following photo if you are unsure to this one yet
a couple considering missionary position as the best position to get pregnant 
2. Lift the hips! When the hips are elevated by using a pillow or something that can be placed under the woman can help increase the ability for the sperm to get close to the cervix. Dont feel shy actually it is more must be a like a practice since your marriage and it would have become a habitat by now. 
3. Man from Behind or "Doggy Style" When a man enters a woman from behind is a great position. The position allows for deep penetration of the penis which allows for sperm to be deposited close as possible for conception.
Also, while this is not a position it’s a great advice in my opinion. Having an orgasm also helps increase the chance Contractions that happen during sex when a woman has an orgasm have been shown in studies to be able to thrust the sperm up into the cervix further thus increasing the chance for pregnancy.

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