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What is Prolapsus Uteri and its Effect on Irritable Uterus

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Prolapsus Uteri. This exists in some degree in 
the majority of cases of irritable uterus ; but rarely 
in any to such an extent as would give rise to any 
serious inconvenience, if existing alone. They have 
many symptoms in common, — the menorrhagia, the 
leucorrhcea, the bearing down, and other local diffi- 
culties, all aggravated by exercise, and the erect position 

But they have, with all this, quite sufficient for 
diagnosis. Prolapsus ceases entirely to be painful in 
the recumbent position. Irritable womb does not. 

There may be a diminished suffering in the latter, 
but the essential symptom remains ; and if there has 
been much exertion made, or standing been long per- 
sisted in, very severe pain continues some time after 
lying down, and a less degree of it is constant. 

Examination will however always settle the diag- 
nosis, and this should never be omitted, not only 
in this, but in all serious affections referable to the 
uterine system. A physician can know, I may say, 
nothing of this class of diseases in any other way 
than by examination per vaginam. 

One of the very best Writers on female diseases declares he would not 
consent to undertake the management of any such 
affection, but upon the condition that an examination 
were allowed to him. No objections should stand in 
the way of making one. Examination in the dis- 
eases in question discovers in irritable womb, pain 
more or less acute in the neck of the organ ; in pro- 
lapsus nothing more than the healthful sensibility of 
the part. 

The following is an outline of common prolapsed uterus symptoms:

 1. Feeling as if you are sitting on a small ball – The sensation is caused by the pressure as it slides further down the vagina. The patient might also detect a lump near the vaginal cavity.
2. Lower back pain that becomes worse each day – This is one of the classic symptoms that are caused by the pressure in the pelvis or vaginal canal.
3. Sensation of heaviness or pulling – The change in position of the uterus can cause it to pull down on the ligaments and muscles to the point that abdominal heaviness is noticeable.
4. Dyspareunia or pain during intercourse – The dropped uterus in the vaginal canal makes penetration during intercourse uncomfortable. During the advanced stages of uterine  the vagina is already obstructed making it impossible to have an intercourse.
5. Recurrent Urinary tract infection or bladder infection – The woman is more prone to infection from various bacteria because it is no longer in its correct position.

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