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Top Reasons Why Women Can't get Pregnant

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Top reasons Why women cant get pregnant! Read them

There are many potential causes for female infertility.  After struggling for 5 years trying to get pregnant and seeing numerous doctors, I have researched the top reasons Why women can’t get pregnant:


Top Reasons Women Can't Get PregnantBelieve it or not, stress is one of the top causes of infertility.  It could be excess stress at work, home, or even just being worried that you can’t conceive.  Try to relax and not let things upset you when your attempting to get pregnant.  During those 5 days before ovulation, ensure everything is perfect for those evenings.  Dinner is taken care of (NOT BY YOU), neither of you are working late, and you have nothing to hurry off to do.  If you find the little things upsetting you, always remember: Stress is a choice! Choose to worry about the things you have control over and can change.  Often we get caught up worrying about people and things we have no control over.  Focus on becoming pregnant!

Tubal blockage or Tubal occlusion

Tubal blockage could be from either a tubal ligation or tubal disease that has damaged the tubal tissue resulting in scarring that prevents the egg from reaching the uterus.  I was personally diagnosed with involuntary tubal blockage in 2007.  There is a tubal surgery that can be performed, but it comes at a cost of increased risk of future tubal pregnancies.  Tubal pregnancy’s usually result in a miscarriage.  I chose the alternate route of ‘In Vitro Fertilization’, but it resulted as a miscarriage as well.  This definitely puts tubal blockage in the top reasons women can’t get pregnant.

Hyperprolactinemia (elevated prolactin)

Top Reasons Women Cant Get Pregnant 2Hyperprolactinemia is a disorder where your body produces too much prolactin resulting in infertility.  Typical indications of this are excessive lactation while not pregnant.  The excess prolactin prevents your pituitary gland from sending the signal to your ovaries to release eggs during your normal cycle.  This can also be indicative of a pituitary tumor in your brain.  This type of infertility is usually able to be treated by your medical doctor.

Early Menopause (Can’t Get Pregnant)

This is fairly common with heavy smokers, chemotherapy treatment, and those exposed to heavy radiation.  The symptoms are lack of a monthly cycle and dramatic decrease of ovarian follicles.  This is one of the top reasons older women can’t get pregnant.


Endometriosis occurs when tissue forms outside of the reproductive organs and swells preventing the organs from functioning.   This is usually accompanied with pain or discomfort during the cycle due to the tissue swelling with the other surrounding female organs.
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Top Reasons Women Cant Get Pregnant 3Medicines

They are several types of medicines that can result in why women can’t get pregnant.   Simply stopping the medication for a period of time can help you become pregnant.  Check with your doctor if you are taking medication to see if it might be interfering with the ovulation process.

Thyroid Issues

Both hyperthyroidism (too much of the thyroid hormone) and hypothyroidism (too little of the thyroid hormone) can prevent a couple from getting pregnant.

Can’t Get Pregnant? I found help!

With many issues like these, many women are afraid they can’t get pregnant.  Some of these issues are very scary!  I faced them every day for 5 years.  Don’t loose hope!  If I can get pregnant TWICE after trying multiple infertility remedies for 5 years, you should never stop trying to get pregnant!  

Ovarian Cysts

If you either have an ovarian cysts or ovarian cyst rupture , then definitely you are 99% infertile or could be infertile in future.

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