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Top 7 Causes For Miscarriage and How to prevent them

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Miscarriage can be a real trouble for women and can cause a great stress both physically and mentally on a woman. It is truly said that Prevention is better than Cure, so it wise to follow this statement during the pregnancy. Even though getting pregnant after miscarriage is possible, but still withstanding miscarriage is very difficult for women. You should take all the precautionary steps during your pregnancy to avoid miscarriage. But you should also know the root causes for Miscarriage so that you can well understand them and act accordingly.


here is chart showing impact of causes of miscarriage

The Top 7 Causes of Miscarriage observed in common women are widely as follows AND DESCRIBED BELOW as follows :

1) Foetal Abnormalities: These are associated with chromosomal damages and are caused due to improper growth of  chromosomes in a woman’s womb and thus has to be shed. 

Consumption of Folic acid during the first week of Pregnancy helps to prevent birth problems.

progesterone is an important hormone and prevents miscarriage AND OTHER PREGNANCY ISSUES and here is the progesterone image 2) Progesterone Deficiency: It is also the one of the major cause of miscarriages. Progesterone is required to support the growing fetus but it has been medically proved that some women produce less than required amount of progesterone thus leading to multiple miscarriages. 

It can be dealt by taking Natural Progesterone Supplements which can regulate the amount of required progesterone.

3) Antibodies: Yes, antibodies can also cause miscarriages as sometimes the body produces some antibodies that rejects the fetus. 

Anti-clotting drugs, Baby aspirin and Enbrel are prescribed to prevent miscarriage in this case.

4) Blood Disorder: Some of the blood disorders like Lupus and also Hughes Syndrome also causes Miscarriage. Researches have also shown that 20% of miscarriages are caused due to blood disorder. These disorders can make the blood clot in the region of placenta through which the food and nutrient transfer takes place between mother and the baby.

5) Unhealthy Diet: Miscarriages are also cause due to unhealthy and improper food habits.

 Intake of junk and fast food has a severe impact on the developing baby.

 Since, the growing baby derives all the food from the mother’s body, it is important for the mother to take healthy and nutrient rick food. Pregnancy puts up a lots of demand on your body so it is very important for you to eat healthy for the proper development of the baby.

6) Lack of Important Minerals: Zinc and Vitamin C are one of the most important minerals for the reproductive system and for getting pregnant after miscarriage, 

You really need to check whether if you are taking sufficient amount of Zinc and Vitamin C required. 

Vitamin B12 also plays an important role in ovulation and also in nervous system and for building up of the new tissues.

7) Aspartame
Aspartame which is an artificial sweetener and used as a sugar substitute in cold drinks and gums also leads to Miscarriage so its wise to avoid them.

So, keep in mind the above causes that can lead to miscarriage so that you can well cope with this problem. Though, misfortunes can even lead to miscarriage but don’t worry

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