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Simple Steps to Wean Child off Bottle

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There comes a point that our toddler grow up and it comes time for the withdrawal of the bottle, as a great deal of self-eating spoon or even a spoon. As it turns out it's not quite that easy. Sometimes a child gets used Siudo eat from a bottle and rebels at the thought of him receiving it. It should be approached calmly and follow a few tips to help your child get through this difficult phase.

 How to wean your child from eating the bottle?

For sure, do not allow your child to fall asleep with the bottle. It will treat it as a Soother or cuddly. Then it may be that it does not serve as an object to eat and fully completely different, incompatible with the intended function. It may also lead to the choke of which can result even more serious health problems. Teach your child that drinking from a bottle in a certain place. For example, in feeding chair or a table. You will then know exactly what is the bottle and it will try to meet their other needs.

Weaning from a bottle of meals should begin gradually. For starters, you can replace one feeding a snack. In a few days just to make, for example, with afternoon tea. You may find that your toddler very happy to switch to other food and forget about the bottle itself. You can also try reducing the portions served milk and after the addition, indicate something else to eat. After a few days in the bottle there will be nothing, and the child eats with gusto kanapeczkÄ™ or sausage.

You can also at higher difficulties, try to change the bottle, for example, non-spill cup. This will certainly be more hygienic and child will be taught a different way of drinking. In time, you can use the previous advice of the bottle. Every child with disabilities can be convinced and self eats from a bowl. Often it is the parents more anxious, but not worth the wait until later, because it will be to the benefit of both parties.

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