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All Methods Involved in Second Trimester Abortion

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On the eve of ABORTION WEEK ,

We are now going to explain you about all the methods and information about it.

What Is A Second Trimester Abortion & methods involved in them?

Making the decision to abort a pregnancy is indeed a difficult decision. There is a lot of emotional stress involved. However if this decision is to be made, it should be done at a proper time. There are only some weeks which are safe for a pregnancy to be terminated; otherwise it becomes dangerous and risky for the mother.

Usually women get it done only a few days or weeks later after they get their unwanted pregnancy confirmed. However at times it is required to terminate the pregnancy when it has advanced into the second trimester. This termination is known as second trimester abortion
This abortion is conducted when some deformity or abnormality is found in the fetus. If the doctors and radiologists confirm that this abnormality will in any case jeopardize the survival of the fetus, then an abortion is suggested.

Because the developing fetus is already in a human shape in the second trimester, though it is very tiny, the procedures applied during the first trimester will not be applied in the second trimester . Late abortion procedures are different and varied, depending exactly on what stage the pregnancy is in.

There are actually 3 methods involved here

Grown foetus is killed in Second trimester abortion
Let us discuss each of them in brief ,

  1. The most common method applied in the second trimester abortion is D&E which means Dilation and EvacuationThis is a very horrific method. The cervix is dilated to allow for the forceps to pass through the birth canal. Then the forceps is used to separate the baby into pieces. Each piece is then pulled out with a vacuum.
  2. Another procedure used for second trimester abortion, the artificial labor induction, is quite painful for the mother. As it is long and she has to bear all the labor pains when in fact her body is not ready to face them.
  3. The last method and Best Method , A third common method of abortion during the second trimester is the D&X surgery. The cervix is dilated in this method as well and the position of the fetus is changed with the help of a forceps into a breech position. When the legs of the baby are facing down, it is pulled out leaving the head still inside the passage canal. An incision is made on the underside of the head of the fetus to drain out its brain; making it easier to pull out the whole baby.

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