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Natually Treat Uterine Fibroids during Pregnancy

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Uterine fibroids during pregnancy

It is very difficult for women to experience both pregnancy and uterine fibroids at the same time. In fact there are many women that have uterine fibroids during their pregnancy. This condition happens due to fibroids tumors that start growing in the uterus and never cause various symptoms of fibroids until they do not increase in size. Sever symptoms of fibroid tumors show when they grow in larger size. The presence of uterine fibroids tumor in a woman which is bearing a baby should be worried. If you are pregnant and you also have uterine fibroids then you will not able to deliver your baby healthy.
In addition to this, women with pregnancy and uterine fibroids also cause many other complications because they occur at the same time and in some cases, the fibroids may result to certain harmful problems. You should be aware that having the uterine fibroids during pregnancy may lead to the miscarriage or birth risk. This is the most severe complication and most pregnant women face with this situation. One more risk that occurs mostly is the delivery of abnormal delivery position or having the stalling labor. These are severe risks that you can face in uterine fibroids during pregnancy. Besides this, there are many other small risks of the uterine tumors, causing the blockage of the birth canal in delivery.
Common symptoms for uterine fibroids during pregnancy:
There are a lot of symptoms that appear if you have uterine fibroids and pregnancy both at the same time. In this condition, female body has abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding in excessive amount and urination frequently. There are some case in which the patients also complain for the constipation and pelvic pressure. It is estimated that almost half of the women face with the uterine fibroids tumor in their life. Pregnant women should know the presence of uterine fibroids tumors. They should go for the ultrasounds and if they find the uterine fibroids then they should take advice from their doctor for the treatment as this problem may affect not on their own health but also on their babies health.
Make a quick treatment if you have uterine fibroids:
It is recommended to consult a doctor for checking the any kind of fibroids in your body if you have planned to become pregnant. By quick ultrasound process, you will find that where the fibroids are present in your body. Your doctor can tell you whether they can cause any problem for you during pregnancy or not. If they ask for surgery then you should go for it before you get pregnant.
In most cases, if a patient has both uterine fibroids and pregnancy, the doctors tell about the fibroids and symptoms of fibroids tumors during the pregnancy. It is very important to know that what things develop the fibroids tumors in uterus after periodical ultrasound. If the fibroids are present in the fallopian tube, then they can cause the infertility. This is the case in which you cannot have both uterine fibroids and pregnancy. Statistics show that there are 3 to 13 percent of infertility cases in which women have fibroids so you should know the severity of uterine fibroids.

Home Remedies for Uterine Fibroids

If you have home remedies for the treatment of uterine fibroids bleeding then why you go for medication or drugs which have very dangerous side effects? Well! It is true that the uterine fibroids affect many women all over the world every year. There are so many cases in which only the home remedies are enough to stop the growth of uterine fibroids and eliminate the symptoms related to the uterine fibroids. Most of the fibroids present in uterus show a lot of symptoms such as irregular periods, menstrual flow, difficult and painful intercourse, pelvic pain, bleeding between the irregular menstrual cycle and also menstrual periods with pain. These uterine fibroids symptoms can be removed with the herbs. Purpose of herbs is to improve the functioning of liver and with stabilizing the levels of hormones. Not only this, these herbs helps your body to stop the bleeding of uterine fibroids and menstrual cramps reserved in your body. In this article you will find dew of the beneficial home remedies for uterine fibroids.
Home remedies to prevent the uterine fibroids:
Aromatherapy Massage:
For Aromatherapy Massage, you will need to prepare the massage oil. Take a bottle of glass and add 10 drops of essential rose oil in it. Also pout the ginger essential oil and shake the bottle. Now add almond oil (2 ounces) and vitamin E oil (2 table spoon) in bottle. Shake the bottle again to mix all ingredients in it. Massage over the abdomen lower area and back side of your body with this uterine fibroids massage oil. It is very effective therapy that helps in decreasing the bleeding of heavy menstrual. Also it is considered as one of the best home remedies for treating the uterine fibroids.
Vitex berries:
The Vitex berry helps in the development of progesterone and maintains the levels of estrogen in your body. This herb is really effective you take it for at least six months every day. It is available in three forms: tea, liquid and capsule; so you can take in any form you want. The Vitex berries are available in market as a supplement of herbal dietary. It is more effective if you take it three times in one day.
Dandelion root:
This herb improves the liver function in your body and stops the excessive level of estrogen that is present in body of most women have age above than 30. Dandelion root affects well in your body if you eat it for 3 months. It is available in both liquid and teal form. The dietary supplement is present in medicine stores in form of a capsule.
Milk thistle:
Milk thistle is an herb that contains ability to protect the liver in your body. It helps in regenerating the liver cells and depletes the estrogen levels stored in your body. You can get it as a dietary supplement and it is more effective it you take it for at least three months. You can prepare this herbal by grinding properly the seeds of milk thistle with salads and other foods having proteins. Take 3 table spoons of this herbal every day and you will feel that you are getting better and better.

Natural treatment for uterine fibroids

More than 40 percent of women produce the uterine fibroids that result tumors. This tumor may cause several problems including pain, urination frequently, bleeding in excessive amount and infertility. According to the Genetic studies, the capacities of a woman’ emotions and feeling to the fibroids may be generated from her father. Uterine leiomyomas or myomas are the major significant gynecologic neoplasm and appear with the reproduction of every woman’s age. In United State, there are the most leading causes of removal or excision of the uterus. A Myoma is a type of tumor and sometimes called as fibroid tumor. This solid tumor is composed of the fibrous tissue. They differ in both size and amount and grow in very slow rate. Moreover, they do not show any symptom that needs treatment.
How uterine fibroids begin?
The uterine fibroids are self-limiting production of tumors that develop at the uterus wall. These bengin developments of tumors normally occur in women that are 30 years old and over. There are various ways to treat the uterine fibroids but the natural treatment for uterine fibroids is one of the easiest and best methods that help you to treat this problem.
Importance of phytoestrogens food:
Taking the food items that contain phytoestrogens is the most beneficial solution if you are facing with the uterine fibroids. It is really a natural treatment in order to reduce the levels of estrogen. Getting the estrogen’s low level can prevent the harmful effects of excessive estrogen in your body. Eat a lot of whole grains, oats, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, food having the crucial fatty acids, milk and so on. This is the most effective natural treatment for uterine fibroids if you eat these phytoestrogens food regularly.
Herbal teas:
It is the most commonly used method to make treatment for uterine fibroids. You can also take the herbal tea that comes from the clover herb’s blooms in red. This red cover herb contains the phytoestrogens in rich amount. Moreover, it has the same components that found in estrogen so it is great source of phytoestrogens. Specialists say that the compounds of this natural occurring herb plant are beneficial to manage the fibroids by interference in the plant growth. Taking 2 or 3 cups of red clover herbal tea daily help you in reducing the fibroids rapidly.
Herbal oils:
Herbal oils such as evening primrose oils, help in reduction of pain and inflammation that occur due to fibroids that contain omega 6 fatty acids in huge amount. These essential herbal oils are called as the agents of natural anti inflammation that help your body to stop fibroid’s pain. Herbal oils are available as a supplement in market.
Exercise is very simple and natural way to treat the uterine fibroids. Sometimes, the uterine fibroids lead to the irregular cycle of menstrual. Most women having uterine fibroids found that doing exercise every day makes the regular menstrual cycle and some women also found that the uterine fibroids symptoms eliminate in few weeks of exercise. So before going for medical treatment, try these simple natural ways to stop the uterine fibroids.  

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  1. Uterine fibroid treatment is really necessary during pregnancy as this can even risk pregnant women. As you mentioned above remedies are precuations than cure. But if the fibroids are already in the uterus then it is really a problem and must be cured as soon as possible.


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