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Fast Vasectomy Recovery ? It is Possible Men !

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If you don’t know already, a vasectomy is a simple procedure where a doctor cuts a small hole in the man’s scrotum in order to snip the vas deferens and thus render him unable to deliver sperm any longer. Is this procedure 100% effective? Pretty close, probably 99.9%, and it’s the best thing out there for preventing pregnancy since there is little chance that any sperm will be delivered during sexual intercourse. 

Since the procedure is nearly 100% effective and is considered permanent, although it can be reversed by surgical technique that is much more difficult than the original. This is why screening is necessary for men who go through this procedure, since the reversal is not guaranteed in any way. For example, reversal of  a standard vasectomy is effective at achieving pregnancy in only 50%-70% of cases. They are very costly, with total out-of-pocket costs in the United States often upwards of $10,000 even if your insurance does cover it.
Inner anatomy of vasectomy operation

Vasectomy Recovery Can be Done Following Simple Steps Below :

If you are a man who has had a vasectomy or is thinking about having one, consider the recovery time after your surgery. 

There are two types of vasectomies, 
1)the standard surgical procedure using a scalpel and 
2)the non-scalpel kind which uses a smaller entry to the scrotum, normally a small hole. 

Either way you will have some recovery time, and it’s a good idea to stay off your feet at least for a few days and listen to your doctor.

 As I said earlier, the non-scalpel or keyhole vasectomy is easier to recover from and probably most recommended these days by doctors.

There may be a few things your doctor asks you to do to not only speed relief, but to ensure that the vasectomy was a success. They are:

  • Stay at home and off your feet for a few days. Raising the feet will help keep the swelling down, and speed recovery as well.
  • Your doctor may prescribe pain killers, although they may not be necessary depending on your personal level of pain threshold.
  • Apply ice to your scrotum for at least a day or two, which again will keep the swelling down. You don’t want swelling in this area, so best advice is to do it the first day at least.
  • Wear tighter underwear for at least a week or so, in order to help support the scrotum. In other words, leave the boxers in the drawer and break out the tighties!
  • See your doctor for sperm checks, at least for a couple of months. The doctor will ask you to bring in a sample of your ejaculate to be sure there is no sperm in it, to make sure the procedure was a success.
  • Avoid Sexual Intercourse for atleast first 2-3 months so that the swelling or infection gets reduced and soothed for better recovery

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