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Abortion Methods & Duration Guide for Women

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The term abortion is used for several different forms of embryo or foetus expulsion from the uterus
 and different abortion methods can be done. The two main types of abortions are spontaneous
 abortions and induced abortions. Spontaneous abortions are more commonly referred to as
 miscarriages, since the term abortion have become more or less synonymous with induced abortion
in every day English. In medical texts with abortion information, the term abortion can however
 be used for spontaneous abortions as well as for induced abortions.

Spontaneous abortion (DURING 1ST 20 WEEKS)

  • A spontaneous abortion can be caused by a wide range of factors. It can be caused by a foetal problem, such as a chromosomal number discrepancy or other severe defects. It can also be caused by accidental trauma, infections, unhealthy reproductive organs or environmental factors. 
  • Spontaneous abortions are generally defined as foetus expulsions that take place during the first 20 weeks of the pregnancy. 
  • Miscarriages are very common, but it is difficult to determine exactly how common since a lot of women experience miscarriages before they even know that they are pregnant. 
  • An early miscarriage can easily be mistaken for a normal or unusually heavy period and obtaining reliable spontaneous abortion information is therefore difficult.   

Induced abortion (DURING EARLY WEEKS)

  • There are several ways of inducing abortions. 
  • When discussing abortion information, we typically distinguish between chemical abortions and surgical abortions.
  •  Chemical abortions are commonly known as medical abortions since so called abortion pills are used to induce the expulsion of the embryo.

Surgical abortion (15 WEEKS)

  • There are several different ways of performing surgical abortions.
  •  The choice of method is chiefly determined by the length of gestation, since some methods are more suitable for early abortions while others are necessary for late abortions.
  •  Detailed abortion information regarding surgical abortions will therefore vary depending on which type of surgical abortion method you wish to find more abortion information about. 
  • During the initial 15 weeks of pregnancy, a so called suction-aspiration abortion is the most commonly used form of surgical abortion. 
  • This type of abortion is also referred to as vacuum abortion or Suction/Surgical Termination of Pregnancy (STOP).  
  • There are two types of suction-aspiration abortions: Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) and Electric vacuum aspiration (EVA). 
  • During manual vacuum aspiration, a manual syringe is used to remove the embryo/foetus. During electric vacuum aspiration, an electric pump is used. These two different techniques are very similar; the main difference is only the mechanism used to create suction.

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