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Uterine Appendages

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Water alone as an injection to the vagina is very beneficial. Its
repeated use washes away the morbid secretions from the inflamed
surface, and keeps the entire mucous membrane of the cervix and
vagina in a clean and cool state. The vagina being a contractile
canal, a kind of longitudinal sphincter, naturally closes on itself in its entire extent ; thus embracing the uterine neck, as it were, by its up- per portion. 


As a necessary result of this structural condition, when
  • the neck of the uterus is inflamed, 
  • the mucus secreted, 
  • unless very abundant,
  • which it is not in slight affections, 
  • stagnates round the cervix, 
  • where it is always found in greater or less quantity on the intro- duction of the speculum, 
  • and where it tends to keep up the irritation. 

Due to uterine appendages , This is, no doubt, one of the reasons why a slight inflammation —
which, on an exposed surface, or one that could cleanse itself of the
morbid secretion, would run through its phases in the course of a few
days is often perpetuated, and gives rise to ulceration.

Cold water not only acts as a wash or lotion, but has a decided therapeutic effect. It is a powerful tonic and astringent, and may be used with great benefit when inflammation has been subdued, in order to give strength to the relaxed mucous membrane. When, however, it is employed with this view, a large quantity, two or three pints, should be
injected once or twice in the twenty-four hours, so as to keep up a continued stream for several minutes. The water may be either quite cold, or with the chill taken off, according to the time of the year, and to the external temperature. As a general rule, the colder the water is, the more decidedly are its tonic effects obtained.

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