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Septate Uterus - Symptoms & Cure

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This condition is nothing something blocked inside the womb and is a normal condition.
Blocked in the womb is a common abnormality Müller, what% of anomalies. The range consists of the divided uterine midline fibrous. If the baffle into the opening of the inner (mask) or a door, the partition wall is less than ideal. However, if the barrier is not part "subseptus." In the womb, also a division of labor can not be separated or divided in the longitudinal direction. Fundus outer contour of the upper surface of the cover (below) may or may not be indented, but the slot depth is no more than 1.5 centimeters.
the picture of septate uterus shown in women's reproductive system

Women in the embryo in the  growth is completed twenty-two weeks of pregnancy, usually with two Mullerian ducts merge the uterus. At one end, the price tag on the wall of the uterus, wherein the hydrogen sulfide is dissolved, forming a unique uterus. So does lack the last two processes reservoir blocked uterine endometrium, reflecting or partial or total failure of the leadership to resolve the wall up to the dam. Despite weak Pede certain indications in the work is not the exact arrangement of speech absence absorbed researchers.


If the partition is not considered, that does not seem to belong to a reduction in the fertility of the course of pregnancy, or. The idea of ​​miscarriage or complications The first barrier abortion is common larva as blood seven degrees in the center of hunger in poor rich side walls of blood endometrium. Not only because of the implanted embryo is not the desire of the septum, and in the morning is a case of abortion. 

Finally, miscarriage, it is also common, and the likelihood increases with the amount of the distribution. Some studies show that fully born to the life of the forecast as low as 10%. In after abortion and increased space in the neck and left him on the road, almost half of pregnancy before the fetus is sufficiently early to survive. Other complications include preterm labor, preterm birth, and fetal growth retardation born malpresentation. Note warning that women with uterine partitions are pregnant or who have been diagnosed using more effort in meeting the end that time, it had no effect on reproduction units there are probably reported.

Unless a woman has two vaginal or seven cervical, uterine septum is usually diagnosed if a woman has abortion. Usually, after repeated inability to understand or abortion, hysterosalpingography (HSG), injected into the paint in the  X-rays revealed some septation. Reveal associated with other evidence; voice magnetic resonance (MRI), ultrasound and hysteroscopy.

Each has some advantages and disadvantages. HSG example shows the inner contours theuterine cavity and fallopian tubes, it can not distinguish between the barrier and the bicornuate uterus of the mother, because they show the outline of the uterine walls. A spetate stomach appeared normal or nearly normal outside, while the outer section has a bicornuate uterus degrees. Although the powers of a disease which can occur between the horns of the uterus of the nature of the angle of less than 75 degree angle indicates septate uterus, which is not delimited other broad. MRI is believed that more intense, but since the level of the opening of the uterus is difficult to understand at times. While ultrasound may sometimes be open to the outer shape , which is most commonly used as an additive to a final test. Hysteroscopy may determine whether the barrier often with fibrous or muscle and at the same time with the use of laparoscopy, may be enough to make an accurate diagnosis. Although hysteroscopy and laparoscopy is invasive and also that if they are proven to reduce metroplasty hysteroscopy uterine septum.


One of the positive aspects of the uterine septum, which may be recovered by relatively simple operations, pregnancy, women that bear the possibility of the normal range. Metroplasty or work or not due to the expansion of the share, or if he loses before the womb of a leader. By 1980, surgery to shrink the metroplasty share is not affected by any abdominal wound. Recent advances hysteroscopy metroplasty (called "septoplasty" known) almost obsolete art.

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