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The Top 5 Pregnancy Support Belt Reviews

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Here you will find suppliers for all different types of in the sizes and support levels that you need, in order for the remainder of your pregnancy to be a smooth and peaceful one. 

Having  a support belt will give relief to your back, legs and abdominal area and let you focus on the truly important things, like your pregnancy. 
women with a pregnancy belt

Life does not slow down with pregnancy and a support belt can give you that added comfort to help you make it through the day with everything that is thrown at you.

You certainly don’t need any other distractions and these specially designed Belts get your mind off your back and puts it where you can concentrate on what really matters, the health and well-being of your growing bundle of joy! 

With a wide variety of choices, these will help relieve lower back pain as well as fatigue during pregnancy and help you maintain your active lifestyle. 

medela pregnancy support belt
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Medela Maternity  Review

  • This belt is a favorite among mothers who don’t want to advertize that they are wearing a support belt. 
  • The Medela Maternity Support Belt gently lifts your tummy to help relieve pressure on your bladder. An added benefit is that it is smooth and nearly invisible underneath clothing. 
  • The belt is made up of an extremely light breathable nylon/spandex blend with a cotton back panel. 
  • The Medela Maternity Support Belt also provides great abdominal support for after delivery and abdominal surgery to bring you that much closer to getting back your pre-baby body.

This belt is offered in two sizes: The Small/Medium fits 23 to 27 inches pre-pregnancy waist and the Large/X-Large fits 28 to 34 inches pre-pregnancy waist.

Mother-to-Be Maternity belt  Review
mother to be pregnancy

  • The Mother-to-Be Maternity Support belt is offered in sizes Small to Large. 
  • This pregnancy support belt relieves back pain immediately by transferring the increasing weight of your baby from your abdomen to your spine. 
  • Pressure on the pelvis and sciatic nerves are also relieved, which helps to improve the circulation in your legs. An added benefit is that this belt also stabilizes the pelvic ring which normally softens during pregnancy.
  •  This belt was designed to offer lift without compressing your abdomen.

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt Review

  • The Gabrialla Elastic Maternity belt is offered in a variety in sizes ranging from Small to 2XL and support levels from strong to medium. 
  • This support belts is offered in white and beige. The 2XL is a favorite for mothers carrying multiples. 
  • The Gabrialla belt promotes proper posture and is ideal for lower back and abdominal support. 
  • Mothers rave about how easy it is to adjust once the belt is put on, and they love that it comes in one piece.

Soft Form Maternity  Review

  • The Soft Form Maternity Support belt comes in a variety of sizes from Small to Large. 
  • This product is latex free and offers support of the lower back and abdominal area. 
  • Mothers are surprised with how comfortable the breathable fabric is to wear against the skin or over clothing. 
  • The Soft Form Maternity Support belt offers relief and comfort where you need it.

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