Trying To Conceive Tips

Trying to conceive tips include couples who will often monitor their menstrual cycles and time intercourse to determine the time where fertility should be at its peak moments.
With all the different ways to monitor and identify the days in which you will be the most fertile which are the easiest ones to answer the question “Why cant I get pregnant?”

The Top 3 Trying To Conceive Tips

The Top 3 Trying To Conceive Tips – Natural Tests Include:
  1. Cervical Mucus Test
  2. Position Of Your Cervical
  3. Basal Body Temperature
The cervical fluid that is important in indicating when ovulation and fertility will occur. Yeah, you may feel a bit squeamish about checking your cervical mucus. For this trying to conceive tips what you are looking for is a consistency much like that of an egg white.
Normal mucus is sticky or dry feeling. It can change to wet or even a creamy texture.
It is when it feels like egg whites that indicates egg cells have been released and the sperm has a chance to survive and fertilize the egg.
This trying to conceive tips involves you looking for a clear and slippery mucus texture.
If it is cloudy or even thick it means that ovulation has not occurred yet.
Your cervical mucus will change right before ovulation and then again right before the menstrual period.
For this trying to conceive tips to work, the proper timing is the day of and the day after it changes to the egg white consistency. These are the days that you have the greatest chance of getting pregnant.
The easiest way to check for your mucus consistency is right before you urinate. Always wash your hand before checking and then insert two finger slightly and gather some mucus.  With this trying to conceive tips, look at the color, consistency as well as the elasticity of the mucus. When it is able to stretch between your fingers while remaining attached and it has a clear color you are fertile.
Another natural fertility test is to manually check the change in position of your cervix. Again, this trying to conceive tips is not for the squeamish. What you do is insert a finger into your vagina and track the position of your cervix. This works best if you do it daily starting the day after your menstrual period stops. Your cervix is normally positioned in a low position. It shifts when you ovulate to a higher position.
It is difficult to fully explain what this trying to conceive tips feels like as it is different in every woman. And, we are certainly not going to post a video demonstrating the technique. You will just know and feel the difference.

Less Squeamish Trying To Conceive Tips Test

The more common trying to conceive tips method is the temperature method. You will want to establish your body’s baseline temperature. Take the temperature at the same time in the morning everyday as your temperature will change if you get out of bed or alter how long you are awake before taking it. Any kind of activity will change the reading.
A persons basal body temperature is typically lower in the beginning of your menstrual cycle. An increase in your basal temperature can signify ovulation. When you ovulate your basal temperature will increase very slightly. It can be as little as 1/2 a degree. Your basal temperature will remain at this slightly higher temperature until you start your period. If you conceive it will remain at the higher reading.
You can use an oral thermometer or better yet, one of the newer ear reading thermometer. The ear type thermometer is very sensitive to changes in addition to its accuracy. Keep a chart every month. You will quickly be able to sense changes in your temperature.
Combining all three of these natural trying to conceive tips test will give you an even better chance of success. Each of the tests can have false readings or you can misread any one test result. If two or all three of the trying to conceive tips tests indicate that you have ovulated and are at peak fertility; success will be yours.
Your new baby may have been conceived and you are soon to be parents thanks to these trying to conceive tips.