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Endometrial Hyperplasia - Causes , Symptoms & Treatment

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Endometrial hyperplasia is also known with the name of the uterine cancer. It is regarded as the most feared one of the other diseases diagnosed with patient that leads to the thickening of the endometrial lining of the uterine. With the endometrial hyperplasia with the patients, it leads to the growth of the cancer cells directly in the lining of the uterus and thus with the thickening of the lining of the uterine glands.

 There are many such misconceptions in women with the endometrial hyperplasia symptoms and thus they often regard them as their menopause. But with the symptoms occurring with the patient, you should consult with the doctors or physicians just to get the medications for the proper endometrial hyperplasia causes and treatments. Before getting into the symptoms you should know it properly that these are quite normal with the human body but the excessive practice of the same may lead to the endometrial hyperplasia. But it is not for obvious all the time.


They may also happen with the other inflammation or maladies too. To confirm with the indication of the disease, here are the endometrial hyperplasia symptoms occurred with the patients:

      Pain with the pelvic region

      Difficulty and pain while urinating

      Bleeding with the vaginal area. Discharge with the same.

      Paining sensation while intercourse.

There are the cases with the women that they are having the discharges or the bleeding of the vagina with the other reasons also and thus initially it should not be regarded as the endometrial hyperplasia symptoms. There is firstly the discharge and then the bleeding leading the cycle of the menstruation. It is quite normal with the human body.


 When some or all of the symptoms are present there with the woman than it should be noted as the endometrial hyperplasia causes. 

There are various types who are mostly prone with the uterine cancer:
1)      Aged women with fifty years or more.
2)      Woman having endometrial hyperplasia
3)      Women having the increase of the hormones. They must be having few children.
4)      Women undergone with the ovarian tumor operations.
5)      Women undergone with the therapy for the estrogen replacement.


With the endometrial hyperplasia causes and treatments is not the same with every women and thus there are many such factors that should be kept in mind before the process of treatment with the same. These factors are the age and advancement of the cancer in the body.

There are various such treatments with the endometrial hyperplasia symptoms, they are:
1)      Treatment with the surgery.
2)      Treatment with the radiotherapy
3)      Treatment with the chemotherapy at the advanced stages.
4)      Remove the cancerous cell with the woman uterus if the cancer is with the primary stage. But if the cancer is progressed with the stages than you should go with the surgical treatments.
5)      The uterine cancer is detected in the primary stage if consulted with the doctors and thus patients get the chance for the proper medication and the treatment for the same to get the results.
6)      There are various alternative treatments with the uterine cancer too. They are:
  •   Treatment with acupuncture therapy in the initial stages of uterine cancer.
  •   Following special diets prescribed by the doctors.
  •  Intake of the sufficient amount of the vitamins.
  •  Spiritual help and healing process.
  •  Meditation
These are the many forms of the endometrial hyperplasia treatments that when undergone with the correct instructions of the physicians are always proved as helpful with the endometrial hyperplasia causes. There are some recent surveys that often declared that with the alternative treatment procedures also one can get the cure from the endometrial hyperplasia causes. It is thus recommended that one should consult a better physician and then walk on the steps provided with his consultation with your body.

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