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Cystadenomas - Diagnosis & Treatment

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Anyone who has recently been diagnosed with a cystadenomas will need to do their research and learn all about the condition. By learning about the medical condition it is possible to find out about the symptoms, treatment and what the future has in store for you.
cystadenomas  information and treatment

What are Cystadenomas?
A cystadenoma is a type of cyst in the ovary. This is a growth which is created from the tissue of the ovaries. These cysts aren’t normally cancerous but they can grow to a large size if they aren’t treated.

Types of Cystademona
There are two different types of cystadenomas, these are serious cystadenomas and mucinous cystadeomas. Serious aren’t actually as bad as mucinous.

Serious Cystadenomas have liquid inside and are normally between two and six inches in size.
Mucinous cystadenomas are filled with a thick liquid similar to mucus. These can become much bigger in size and can grow up to 12 inches in diameter. Sometimes these can grow to weigh 100 pounds.


The normal method of diagnosing cystadenomas is because they are detected on an ultrasound. The doctor might notice a large mass in the ovaries which may make him want to request an x-ray. The x-ray makes it possible to determine whether the cyst is solid, filled with liquid or possibly cancerous.

Treatment Options  for Cystadenomas

The only treatment option suitable for a cystadenoma is to remove it using surgery. 

If the cyst is caught when it’s small then it can be removed using a scope, this speeds up recovery times as only a small incision is needed.

However, if the cystadenoma is larger than 2 inches then the doctor will need to consider doing surgery. If the cyst is suspected to be cancerous then a complete hysterectomy is normally suggested.
As long as the whole cystadenoma is removed then it is unlikely that it will ever return. Even if one ovary isn’t fertile after the operation it is still possible to get pregnant with the other ovary.

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