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Shrinking Fibroids Naturally - Is it Really Possible ?

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Using surgery and treatment can only be a temporary cure for fibroids treatment unlike the use of natural methods which has proven to be a success at every point in use. This is to say that using natural methods is much better and safer to shrink fibroids than going for surgery and medical treatments.

For Shrink Fibroid symptoms cannot be really detected at an early stage. The condition grows as a result of changes in the woman body. This is the reason why it is sometimes very difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for fibroids. A known fact about this condition in relation to identical twins is that although they both might share the same lifestyle but it is very almost certain that they will not share the same fibroids condition. What is known is that there are some factors which might make it more likely for a woman to suffer from fibroids.

There are some factors that responsible for fibroids growth in the woman body. Some include when a woman is infertile i.e she is having no children, inflammatory conditions can also be responsible but the major and common factor responsible for this condition is if the woman is having excess estrogen hormones in her body.
comparing shrinking fibroids with normal size uterus
Shrinked Fibroids & Large Fibroids

One very good way to shrink fibroids Naturally is to reduce the excess level of estrogen in the body. And using the natural methods seems to work better if compared to other methods like surgery or scientific/ medical procedures.

It is during a woman’s fertile period that the estrogen is produced. Estrogen is also linked with the amount of fat cells in the body.

For Shrinking Fibroids : Reduce The Estrogen Level In The Body

There are different ways to reduce the estrogen level in the body. For most overweight women [those likely to have fibroids] a good way is to go on diets. It has been observed that most overweight women that went on to lose weight have a very good chance of reducing the size of fibroids. So if they maintain a healthy weight there is a very good possibility of getting rid of excess estrogen in the body.

Another good way of reducing the estrogen level is to detox the liver. Detoxing the liver is a way to shrink the fibroid because it is in the liver that the estrogen is stored.

Also staying clear from certain foods, creams and other substance that are estrogen like substance is advisable if someone is trying to treat the condition. Pesticides and some common pollutant can increase the level of estrogen in the body if allows to get inside the body.

For women suffering from bowel diseases, arthritis, and endometriosis [inflammatory conditions] these conditions can make a woman more susceptible to fibroid. The best way to shrink fibroids for this kind of conditions include eating foods which are natural anti inflammatory properties such as rosemary, oats, and hops.


The herbs listed below have been known to help some women shrink and control their fibroids conditions. There herbs include

* Dendrobil
* Semen Litchi
* Spica Prunellae
* Rhizoma Sparganii
* Fructus Corni
* Concha Ostreae
* Rhizoma Zedorariae
* Sargassum

The above mentioned herbs are believed to be safe if quantities are strictly adhered to. These are by no means the only natural cure for fibroids. There are other natural cures which if used all alone will give little relief, but what works best is using a combinations of many methods which can help treats all possible causes of the fibroids symptoms

I still believe that the best form of treating fibroid is to go the natural way. Why this is, is that if you decides to use surgery or any other conventional approach, the likelihood of the condition to reappear is certain. Using the conventional approach to tackle this condition is known to only treat the symptoms but has never been deeply successful for getting rid or eliminating the condition totally.

These are couple of things to note before going on fibroids treatment.
If you are looking for a quick fix for your fibroids treatment, then you might be disappointed. With fibroids treatment, there is no quick fix. Even if you go the surgery way, there is some couple of things to do before the surgery can take effect. Such as taken hormonal treatment so as to shrink the fibroids; and this process can take up to some month. And it does come with its own side effects such as hot flashes, thinning vagina tissues aging of the facial skin etc.


Also if you decides to have the surgery, your health condition might be affected and it might take weeks to get your full vigor back; and it is not certain that the surgery will permanently remove the fibroids. In some cases there is always the case of a regrowth of the condition.[except you went through the process of hysterectomy. And this process can take months before recovery is achieved]. In all you can be looking at 6 months of pre-planning surgery operation including the recovery periods and without a guarantee of success.
My advice to women who are considering taken such radical, potentially painful and very expensive procedure is that they should consider a better alternative to surgery which is the use of natural cures for fibroids. But one con to this complete superb systematic approach and which you can try completely risk free is that you will need to invest some time and efforts before you can achieve success.

Although this complete systemic approach will take weeks to shrink your fibroids but the good side to this is that it takes much less time than when you go for surgery.

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  1. Uterine fibroids affect many women who are mainly of childbearing age and almost never show any cancerous properties. Fibroid tumors are usually found in the smooth muscle found in the uterine wall and can form as a single fibroid tumor or as a cluster of fibroid tumors inside the uterine wall or attached to the uterine wall.
    Fibroids Symptoms

  2. Thankyou for Sharing some important information about fibroid tumors.

    Good Luck with your video !

  3. Fibroids are tumors in body but non cancerous and harmless.Fibroids could be large size sometimes and should be removed from body.If anybody suffers from fibroids then they should consult specialist doctors for uterine fibroids treatment. Jaslok hospital is one of the popular hospital for fibroids treatments.One can personally visit this hospital for better treatments.

    1. Jaslok hospital is one of the popular pregnancy hospitals in India . Agreed ! But I even consider there are more than 50 speciailized hospitals for shrinking uterine fibroids throughout the world.


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