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Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is a disease wherein the cancer cells are growing and rapidly spreading in the ovaries, pelvic, abdomen and or the distant organs such as lungs and bowels. Like any other cancer, the ovarian cancer will also let the patient experience some of the ovarian cyst symptoms that will lead to the realization that women must see the doctor when feeling anything different.
Every woman when carrying the disease doesn’t have the same symptoms. Since the cancer is often called “the silent killer”, one must be very attentive to the symptoms because they don’t show up in the earlier stages. Most of the time, symptoms appear only when the stage is already in the later part wherein prevention is not the answer but deeper and more complicated surgery and or chemotherapy. Interestingly, woman who have shown the symptoms of bladder and bowel movement irritation are diagnosed to be some other kind of disease whereas the complication is due to the cancer of the ovaries. It is only revealed after some misdiagnosis.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
What is distinct between the bowel irritation and ovarian cancer is that bowel and gastric irritation come and go and only occurs after eating particular food awhile for the irritations caused by ovarian cancer, the symptoms are permanent and gradually worsening. When you feel that you have abdominal bloating or fullness, be attentive and responsive. This is especially if your clothes are becoming tighter because of the increasing abdominal girth. You must be able to listen carefully to the different changes occurring to your body because they may be symptoms of ovarian cancer.
Nausea or vomiting after eating is another distinct symptom of the cancer. Being full or bloated or loss of appetite adds to the symptoms. It is also a symptom when you feel abdominal and pelvic pain or irritation. If you had much energy before and now feeling stressed out and tired every time, you must be able to see a doctor so that you will be examined.
Lower back pain is also a symptom including changes in menstruation cycles, pain when having intercourse. When there is also a frequent urination accompanied by abdominal pain, you must also observe if you have the other symptoms for the cancer.
Although it is very hard to detect the cancer in the earlier stages, it is important to be attentive and responsive if you are feeling any symptoms that were mentioned above. If the symptoms continue to be felt for two to three weeks then, then you are needed to immediately consult your physician for you to be examined and be diagnosed to be safe and to prevent the spread of the cancer if there are any.
Today, several activists no longer promote the silent killer tagline and changed it because the cancer is really showing some relevant symptoms in the earlier stage. They are now shouting “it whisper’s, so listen” because all you need to do is be attentive of the signs and symptoms it has on your body.

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