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Nulliparous Uterus - Size & Prolapse

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Nulliparous Uterus Definition  

 Nulliparous Uterus is also called as The virgin, or unimpregnated Uterus and is a slightly-flattened and pyriform-shaped and hollow organ ; the fundus being nearly fiat or very slightly convex, the anterior surface of the body smooth and rather convex, the posterior surface more convex and sometimes presenting a ridge or prominence along the median line, while the cervix is a smooth and firm truncated cone. The thick muscular walls are so nearly in apposition, that they leave only a small intermediate space called the cavity of the uterus. 

Nulliparous Uterus Weight & Size :

The weight of the womb in nulliparous uterus is from one ounce to an ounce and a half; and it measures about two inches and three-quarters in length, two inches in breadth at the widest part, and rather more than an inch in thickness. 

The uterus is situated jn the true pelvis between the bladder and rectum, being loosely retained in position by the round and broad ligaments on each side, as well as by the vagina and fibres of connective tissue. It is artificially divided by anatomists into the fundus, body, and cervix. The fundus or upper third is covered entirely by the peritoneum, the body being only partially so. At the points of union between the sides of the fundus with the body are two projecting angles, to which the Fallopian tubes are attached, and from whence pass of  duplicatures of the peritoneum forming the broad ligaments. The cervix, or neck, or lower third of the uterus, is embraced by the upper end of the vagina, into which the uterine cavity opens. This aperture is known as the os uteri. 

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