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Enlarged Uterus - Main Cause of Fibroid Tumors

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Enlarged Uterus FAQ

What Actually is Enlarged Uterus?

Enlarged Uterus is nothing But Bulky Uterus , Both are the same . As the Name symbolizes this is condition due to the increase in the size of uterus during the stage of pregancy in women around 30 years of age.

So What happens if a Women Suffers with Enlarged Uterus?

According to Specialists , It is found that Women who are suffering with Enlarged Uterus have  high chances of getting uterus fibroids , so consider enlarged uterus as a warning and make a consulation immediately.

What Symptoms You See If you have an Enlarged Uterus?

Here are the Symptoms you would suffer from :

  • Experience a lot of pain inside uterus area and discomfort.
  • Painful Urination
  • Long and Heavy Periods of Menstruation
  • Infrequent Bleeding from Vagina

And Finally May lead to infertility if taken uncare after noticing this symptoms

So Is it Confirmed that I suffer from Enlarged Uterus if i have above Symptoms ?

Not Probably , Because Few Other Uterus conditions also have the same symptoms.


No woman ever wants to have to deal with an enlarged uterus; however the truth is that it is more common than most of us can imagine. Of course most women who suffer from this condition seem to have reached the menopause age.

Fibroid tumors seem to affect the female population more than most of us realize. In fact research has now shown that at least 1 in every 4 women will suffer from a fibroid tumor at least once in their lives. Many of them will find themselves coming to the internet for information that will hopefully help them get rid of this problem.

Enlarged Uterus is mainly caused due to Fibroids , So what causes fibroids ?

Unfortunately research has been done and studies still can not show what causes the this problem. However this condition occurs when a growth of a fibroid begins to grow along the walls of the uterus.

It can begin so quickly that sometimes the women have absolutely no knowledge that they have been affected by this condition. This is one of the main reasons that it is extremely important that you get a yearly physical from your doctor; especially when you reach the age 30.

Fibroid tumors occur in the body because of an overproduction of estrogen. Statistics have shown that when the overies produce more of these hormones; then it is more likely that you can experience this problem.

Of course it is still unknown how this hormone will assist of the production of the tumors. One of the main reasons that so many women suffer from this condition in our society is because we have yet to learn what types of things will help us fight this problem.

The good thing is that you can begin doing simple things such as changing your diet to control the product of estrogen in your life.


I personally tell you all the symptoms that i have experienced in my life so that you can easily understand whether you have got enlarged uterus.

My name Is Allison Maer and I personally struggled with an enlarged uterus right before my husband and I decided to get pregnant. I woke up one morning in 

1) Severe pain In My Uterus

Most women do not realize how common this condition is; however the truth is that at least 1 in every 4 women will acquire this condition for absolutely no reason. I had to live with constant pain for at least 3 years of my life; because my job did not provide good enough insurance coverage that would help me get some type of medical treatment.

2) Constant Back Pain & Leg Pain 

I started suffering from constant back pain, leg pain

3) Heavy Menstrual Cycles :

They were so heavy that I thought I would never make it through the 7 days.

A friend of mine started talking about her friend was able to get rid of her enlarged uterus by just using natural methods; of course I was skeptical. I have never been the type of person who has ever believed in using natural methods. I grew up believing that we see a doctor and they prescribe some type of medication and that is how

we get better.

Well since my husband and I were desperate to begin our family I decided to give it a try. I am still using the methods that my friend introduced me to and even I have to admit I am blown away. While I am still in some pain; most of my pain has disappeared.

I have also noticed that I can move around more freely without having to scream out if severe agony if I make a wrong move. I have told one of my best friends about using this natural method to get rid of fibroid tumors. We all know most of them are benign and there is absolutely no reason to worry if you do have this condition; however if you are tired of living with fibroids; then I highly recommend that you begin learning how women everywhere are discovering how to treat them naturally.

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  1. amazing article, i like very much something good

  2. Nice one with some important information for female basically. Fibroid is one of the common cause of bulky uterus but it should be kept in mind that it is benign. Not malignant. You will not suffer for fibroid as it will not cause death directly, but can hard in other ways, like heavy bleeding mainly which can be life threatening. So if menorrhagia occur, fibroid uterus or bulky uterus should be kept in mind

  3. Wow , Amazing Article about enlarged uterus . I also have enlarged uterus but after reading this post i got to know what i need to proceed further

  4. I read it to my wife, and she said that didnt know other sypthoms.

  5. I was diagnosed with bulky uterus,but,I got no symptoms like to what you said,but found out a got a small fibroid

  6. May be you havent observed any symptoms with your side that is main problem .

  7. What is the normal size after two delivery 5 years & 3 years back?


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