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Fibroids with Pregnancy - Causes & Treatment

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Fibroids With Pregnancy

Dealing with fibroids with pregnancy can be a pretty scary situation for any woman. The first thing we want to do is explain and define fibroids for you and then we can get you exactly what you need to deal with your fibroids with pregnancy in addition to finding you the proper treatment and cure for your fibroids.
Fibroids also referred to as uterine fibroids are not an uncommon condition for women, as a matter of fact a large portion of the female population struggle with this health issue. What fibroids are is basically a be-nign non cancer threatening tumor that develops in the female uterus and can also be referred to as fibroid tumors, myomas or leiomyomas.. These tumors are basically the same muscle tissue that the uterus itself is made of but usually a harder tissue once developed due to the higher level of estrogen than the actual uterus itself. The size of these fibroids varies from so small that even during and internal exam they can’t be detected and other fibroids grow to be large enough to bloat your stomach.

Fibroids With Pregnancy, How They Develop

Fibroids find the best location in your body to live and grow, the uterus. It is ideal because the uterus is already designed to hold a fetus during pregnancy which means that it is a great environment for the cells of fibroids to grow and reproduce themselves in this protected place. Also the uterus provides a great amount of space for these tumors to grow and multiply undetected. Then add in hormone fluctuating, a good supply of blood from menstrual cycling and the thick walls of the uterus and you have a very warm and welcome place for fibroids to grow and live well.
Research on fibroids has uncovered that genetics in certain females does make them more likely to develop and have fibroids. The good news is that this genetic trait can be changed and the women with this genetic affliction can get over this condition. One major contributor to this condition can be related to diet. As a lack of proper nutrients will lower your bodies defense system and can make a women much more exposed to developing fibroids. Once your immune system is weakened then you are no longer able to fight off toxic build up and create a hormone imbalance. This can be very common during pregnancy since the body is now taking care of 2 or more.
Being exposed to toxins over a long period of time when your body is in this lacking state, through drinking, breathing and eating toxins will lead to a large toxin build up in you making you much more exposed to the possibility of developing the fibroids. That is why it is so important to eat properly when you are pregnant. Fibroids with pregnancy can be a very common occurrence when lacking the proper nutrients and defense system.
Another common cause of fibroids is insulin related. Insulin resistance can occur when the cells in your body are not as responsive to the insulin hormones in your bloodstream and this results in abnormal blood sugar levels that are fluctuating and can lead to the fibroids in your uterus.

Types Of Fibroids With Pregnancy

Uterine fibroids have many types, here are the primary varieties of the fibroids:
  • The Submusocal Fibroid- This kind of fibroid can be found very deep inside the uterus. Often, the only solution for relief from this type is surgery. It causes excessive bleeding (often leading to hemorrhage) and can cause a lot of pain.
  • The Pedunculated Fibroid- These fibroids are attached to the uterine walls by a stalk like growth referred to as the peduncle. They don’t usually display any symptoms, but can be felt during internal examinations.
  • The Subserous Fibroid- This is the most common kind of fibroid. It develops on the outer walls of the uterus and tends to grow bigger and more painful during menstruation.
  • The Intramural Fibroid- The intramural fibroid grows exactly on the walls of the uterus. It displays the characteristics and symptoms of both subserous and submusocal fibroids.
When a woman develops fibroids, and this includes fibroids with pregnancy as well, she will experience multiple symptoms including excessive abdominal pressure and bloating, painful cramps, extra menstrual blood flowing, pain during sexual intercourse and all of these symptoms are usually coupled up with nausea and high fevers. Once fibroids are developed they can bring with them urinary tract problems, depression and hormone imbalance and if you are not already pregnant they can effect your fertility abilities.
Now that you understand what uterine fibroids are it will be a relief to you to know that they can be cured. Because you may be dealing with fibroids and pregnancy at the same time, the most logical approach to curing yourself and your unborn child from the affliction of fibroids is to seek a natural and holistic cure as this is the most unintrusive method of ridding your body of this health issue. The holistic options available for getting rid of fibroids and pregnancy will examine your body as a whole and heal the affliction using an approach that is safe and natural for both you and your unborn baby.

Fibroids With Pregnancy Treatment

Opting for holistic treatment will assure you that you are building yourself a strong immune and defense system that will put your body in a position to cure itself of this disease and many more that could develop. As you combine a healthy diet and relaxation techniques such as meditation and exercise programs your mind and body will become strengthened and ready to fight and heal the existing fibroids as well as prevent any additional fibroids from growing. This type of treatment will not only relieve you from the current condition of fibroids you may be suffering from right now but also you can be certain that no more fibroids will be developing in your uterus again.
When you are battling fibroids with pregnancy there is one approach and treatment that seems to stand out above the rest and gets rave reviews and testimonials from many women who have battled fibroids and were able to overcome them and move back to a healthy and fibroids free life. It is a holistic approach as we discussed earlier and it is called the “Fibroids Miracle” both in title and by the women that have experienced it’s fantastic natural results for them. Check out the overview of this fibroids with pregnancy treatment here….

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