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Uterine Lavage for Women

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Information about Female Tonic Herbal Formula

 Warms reproductive organs by lessening tension in diaphragm muscle, has mild anit-spasmodic action on uterine muscles (man vine and ginger)
 Acts as a uterine lavage, cleanser of uterine membrane, removes accumulated endurated pathologic debris caused by incompletely flushed menstrual fluids from month to month (copalchi, billy web, skunk root)
 Provides hormonal pre-cursors of estrogen and progesterone to alleviate sever hormonal fluctuations of
menopause and PMS (Mexican wild yam).
 Increases iron supply and full complement of minerals, especially calcium.
 Skunk root is the shaman’s herb used to achieve clearer visions, insight and depth of understanding. This was added on don elijio panti’s request to aid women to have more spiritual guidance during pre-menstrual and menopausal phases of life.
 Menses: painful periods, irregular periods; dark, thick fluids during menses, presence of clots; lower back ache w/menses, depression with PMS. Use during first days of menses to increase flow and cleansing
 Menopausal symptoms
 Fertility Enhancing due to hormonal deficiency or enduration of uterine lining
 Hormonal migraines
 Amenorrhea unrelated to pregnancy
Side effects:
 Menstrual fluids may increase for one or two cycles, may contain dark, thick material that may even contain strings of mucous and dark, clotted material with a foul odor. These side effects are indications of uterine cleansing and are to be welcomed.
 Oral contraceptives or other form of hormonal birth control, this includes the nuva ring and transdermal patch
 Hormone replacement therapy
 Ivf related hormones
 Women with heavy periods should always be treated with caution and lighter doses starting at 50% or normal dosage.
 Breast feeding
 Not to be combined with other herbal supplements or regimen, (i.e. Chinese herbs, ayurvedic, etc.)

 Man Vine (agonandra racemosa), Skunk root (chiococca alba), copalchi bark (croton guatemalensis), Mexican wild yam (dioscorea aff. Belizensis), billy web bark (sweetia panamensis), ginger (zingiber officiniale)

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