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Bulky Uterus - Main Cause of Fibroid Tumors

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                       BULKY UTERUS -  CAUSE OF FIBROID TUMORS

Fibroid tumors can come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. In fact some can be as small as a marble and others can be as big as a grapefruit. However we should all be aware of one fact; they can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

In fact an bulky uterus which is nothing but the enlarged uterus is one of the many causes of fibroid tumors that many women will experience. Research has shown that a uterus of a woman can become extremely large; in fact it can grow to the size of someone who is pregnant.

I wanted to list some of the signs of fibroid tumors that you can expect to notice if you are suffering from this condition. However you should be aware that a lot of the times you will never be able to detect if you have fibroid tumors; unless you get a physical from your doctor.

Main Causes of Fibroid Tumors :

1. Bulky Uterus: You will of course experience a lot of pain in that area and discomfort.You can see more detail about this on this blog itself.

2. Painful Urination: If you are constantly in pain when you urinate; it could be one of the symptoms of fibroids.

3. Heavy Or Long Menstrual Cycles: Many women will experience long and heavy periods each and every month. This is known to be one of the signs of this condition.

4. Abnormal Bleeding: Even though I already mentioned that you could experience longer periods; you may even begin to notice some spotting in between your periods

5. Infertility And Miscarriage: Unfortunately fibroid tumor have been known to prevent the birth of a normal healthy baby; because they can easily block the fallopian tubes which can prevent the cycle or development of your baby.

These of course are just some of the symptoms of fibroids that you may begin to experience. Of course some women may not ever experience any signs of this condition until it is too late. Every women definitely needs to be made aware of this condition and what they can begin doing to prevent it and how to begin treatment of fibroids from home.By now,you must be pretty confident that bulky uterus is the main cause of fibroid tumors.

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